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Velocity Sit-On-Top Kayak


Product Description:
Looking for a sit-on-top that is great for touring but could be totally portable in a backpack size? The Velocity is the rare inflatable sit-on-top that paddles like a sit-inside touring craft, giving you the best of both water worlds. Indeed, it's a perfect blend of style, with sit on top stability and sit in performance. Highlights? How about an unique touring back band combines with a comfortable seating, footrest area, drink holder and bow storage with elastic bungee cords and much more!

Key Features:
•    Maneuverable and responsive
•    Spacious sit-on-top design creates extra space and leg room
•    Safety handles on the sides
•    Comfortable high-back seating
•    Paddle lock design with standard dual-blade paddle
•    Safety rope holder and storage compartment in bow

Model: BT-888578
Item Size: 8'10" x 3'3" (2.66m x 0.97m)
No. of Air Chamber: 5
Max. Passenger: 1
Max. Payload: 80kg (176lbs)
Net Weight: 6.1kg (13.42lbs)
Accessories: 8' foot pump, paddle , carry bag, manual  and repair kit


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