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VAPOR iSUP 10'10


Product Description:
The Vapor is extra fast for its length while providing great stability and great tracking. At 10'10" (330cm) long, the Vapor features an all-around, wide-style design which is ideal for learning, recreational paddling and small wave riding with comfort and stability. The Vapor is extremely user friendly and loves to be ridden or taken on a paddle cruise. It comes equipped with a backpack, high pressure pump and a 3-piece paddle, all packed in a handy bundle. You're all set to see the world from new angles with a big board adventure on a Vapor. The Vapor is ideal for riders up to 253lbs/115kg.

•    On Board Storage: Stainless steel D-rings on tail to attach a safety leash, elastic bungee cords for cargo
•    Durability: 4" (10cm) double-wall drop stitch PVC technology
•    EVA Deck: Heat embossed deck with a honeycomb groove for maximum traction and durability
•    Product Dimensions: 10'10" (130") L x 30"W x4" H
•    Included with the ISUP: 20 PSI high pressure hand pump, 3 detachable fins, sport paddle, carry bag


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