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SPK-2 iSUP 10'10

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Product Description:
Get pumped-up on the biggest and funniest health craze sweeping the planet. The SPK -2 10'10"features an all-around, design ideal for learning, recreational paddling and small wave riding with comfort and stability. Perfect glide for cursing with flat, wide-decked shapes for easy turning. Equipped with a carry bag, pump or 3-piece paddle, all packed in a handy bundle. You are all set to see the world from new angles with a big board adventure in a bag.

•    EASY TO STORE - Rolls Up into a Sleeping Bag Size for Easy Storage - Deflated Dimensions are 1ft in diameter x 36 inches wide. Inflated Dimensions: 10'10" x 30" x 4" Weight: 32 pounds
•    GREAT DESIGN - Great For Flatwater, can Support Beginner Riders up to 200 Pounds.
•    AMAZING DURABILITY - Extra layers of post-inflation lamination for extra stiffnes s and block air leakage
•    PADDLE, PUMP, FINS & CARRY BAG INCLUDED - Includes Paddle: Aluminum Adjustable Paddle, High Pressure Pump Included inflates to 15 PSI. Removable Travel Tri Fin System and Carry Bag makes Transport a Breeze.
•    EVA DECK PAD - Diamond groove, heat embossed, maximum traction and dur ability

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