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Thuyền 3 chỗ TRIOYAK

Giá: Liên hệ
Chi tiết

•    Triple Sit
•    Anti-UV
•    Length: 370cm
•    Width: 86cm
•    Height: 40cm
•    Weight: 32kg
•    Capacity: 220kg
•    Color: Blue, Red, White & Yellow
•    This  sit on top fishing kayak, our newest model, is designed to accommodate 2 or 3 persons.
•    This is the ideal choice for family use and rental operations.
•    Comfortable and dry, it is a pleasure to paddle.
•    Equipped with storage areas in the stern.

•    Aluminum kayak paddles

•    Deluxe seats
•    Adjustable fishing rod holder
•    Flush mount rod holder
•    Waterproof hatch
•    Carrying handle
•    Side handle with paddle keeper
•    Drain cover
•    Drain plug
•    Black bungee
Options: spray deck, dry bag, life vest, trolley, etc...

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